2020 & 2021 Breakdown

2020 Recap

2020. What a year. Here is a recap of what we've accomplished as a group this year

  • Broke into the top 50 teams on HTB
  • Participated in multiple hackathons
  • University group had their first payed contract with Colorado State University
  • over 10% community growth
  • Started youtube channel

We are also:

  • Currently working on finding an alternative communcations platform to Discord. A horrific change in Discord Privacy Policy leaves us no choice but to move our main communications platform elsewhere. Security is an everyday part of our lives, and your private information matters.
  • Currently working with a potential sponser for KryptSec Merchandise
  • New Pwn and Web challenges, along with our very first hackable server.
  • Login & Dashboard, Leaderboards, and our very first hosted hackathon

2021 ~The Adventure Continues

A few of our members are eagerly working on creating hackable labs for members to practice their skills on. These labs will help our members prepare for:

These labs are designed for simulation with realism in mind; focusing on key security components. Our goal is to simulate a corporate network with windows and linux clients and servers. This will be all inclusive for KryptSec members.

Are you ready to meet the team? Join us on Discord.