About Us

KryptSec Society is a community of InfoSec enthusiasts, professionals, and students from all around the world. We use our platform for educational and collaborative purposes to help all members succeed in the OPSec industry. With InfoSec constantly changing it can be quite daunting trying to keep up with it all.
At KryptSec we aim to make it a bit easier.
With our community network expanding, we have created a place for those interested in being part of an InfoSec driven community, to come and partake in challenges developed by our very own members. This gives everyone the opportunity to try challenges that get them outside of their comfort zone with community support. Come chat with us in discord, meme with us on reddit and stay up to date with all of our events and news on twitter.
Want to contribute? Sure! Talk to our @mods on discord.

Coming Soon


Firstly a big thanks to our developers & members of our communty that create the challenges for all of us.


As our community expands so does the research and tools that we use & develop. A

Coming Soon :)

page has been brought up and development on this project will start Septemeber-2019.
The contents of this page will hold all things KryptSec and InfoSec related. That will include #writeups of retired HTB boxes and retired KSS #challenges, along with upcoming events and who knows what else, we haven't even started yet.

We are working on a login feature that will best fit community needs. Currently leaning towards a Discord API token integration that we will use to authenticate each user for challenge submissions, creations, posts, writeups and much more.
Be sure to check out our Challenges page to give a go at our community developed challenges.